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Aluminum foil containers, also called tinfoil containers, are a widely used tableware. The thickness of aluminum foil trays is generally between 0.03mm and 0.20mm, and they are divided into wrinkled and wrinkle-free, disposable and reusable. Aluminum foil lunch boxes are produced by one-time fully automatic cold stamping using special equipment and molds. This article will explain to you the various equipment, functions, advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil container machines:

Aluminum Foil Roll Unwinding Machine

Aluminum foil roll unwinding machine is a device used to unroll rolled aluminum foil. It is mainly used in the aluminum foil container processing industry to flatten rolled aluminum foil. The unroller is equipped with rollers. Workers can control the thickness of the aluminum foil by adjusting the roller gap to meet customer requirements for the thickness of aluminum foil containers. The unfolding machine is usually equipped with a dust removal device to clean the surface of the aluminum foil, remove impurities and oxide layers, and ensure that the surface of the aluminum foil is clean and smooth.

Aluminum Foil Roll Unwinding Machine

Function: Unroll the rolled aluminum foil to ensure that it is transferred smoothly to the next production process.

Advantages: Easy to operate, improve production efficiency.

Disadvantages: Periodic maintenance is required to ensure stable operation.

Aluminum Foil Stamping Machine

The aluminum foil stamping machine can accurately stamp flat aluminum foil materials into aluminum foil pans of various sizes and shapes through different stamping dies. The aluminum foil stamping and forming machine consists of automatic feeding, stamping forming, discharging and other processes. It realizes fully automated operation and can produce hundreds or even thousands of foil lunch boxes per hour.

Aluminum Foil Pans Stamping Machine

Function: Efficiently punch the unfolded aluminum foil into the target shape.

Advantages: High production efficiency, ensuring large-scale and consistent production output.

Disadvantages: Operation and maintenance require professional knowledge.

Automatic Trimming Machine

The aluminum foil automatic trimming machine is mainly used to trim the edges. It is used to trim some burrs or irregular edges of the aluminum foil after stamping and other processes, accurately control the size of the container, and ensure neat edges.

Aluminum Foil Container Automatic Trimming Machine

Function: Remove excess edges after stamping and enhance product neatness.

Advantages: Ensure product neatness and quality.

Disadvantages: The blade may wear out over time.

Automatic Stacking Machine

The automatic stacking machine is an important equipment in the aluminum foil lunch box production line. It can automatically complete the layering, stacking and fixing of tableware to form a standard finished tray or box.

Aluminum Foil Container Automatic Stacking Machine

Function: Stack the finished products neatly to facilitate subsequent packaging and transportation.

Advantages: Significantly improve packaging efficiency and save manpower.

Disadvantages: The machine structure is complex and may require professional operation.

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