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Aluminum foil trays are a very common food packaging container in our lives. They are non-toxic, harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly, resistant to high and low temperatures, durable and have good sealing performance. They are mostly used for takeout.
Choosing the right aluminum foil tray lids is particularly important when used as a packaging option for takeaway packaging or fresh and frozen products. So, how do we choose a lid?

4 Types of Aluminum Pan Lids

Aluminum foil containers usually have four kinds of lids: PP lid, paper lid, aluminum foil lid and hot sealing foil lid.

PP Lid

PP is polypropylene, with a melting point of 160-175°C and a decomposition temperature of 350°C. It is the only plastic product that can be placed in a microwave oven and can be cleaned and reused. This type of lid is suitable for various foods, whether it is stir-fry or packaged soup, but it cannot prevent 100% spillage when packaging soup.

  • The relative density is small, only 0.89-0.91g/cm3, making it one of the lightest varieties of plastics.
  • Good mechanical properties, except impact resistance, other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene, and the molding and processing performance is good.
  • It has high heat resistance, and the continuous use temperature can reach 110-120℃.
  • It has good chemical properties, hardly absorbs water, and does not react with most chemicals.
  • Pure texture and non-toxic.
  • Good electrical insulation.
  • The transparency of polypropylene products is better than that of high-density polyethylene products.

Paper Lid

Paper lid is also called white paper flat foil-laminated board lid. It has a white paper shape on the outside and an aluminum foil lining on the inside.

  • The white exterior can label your personalized design, which is beautiful and easy to identify.
  • Aluminum foil lining retains food heat and maintains temperature.
  • It can retain the heat inside the container better than the transparent PP lid.
  • The lid can be separated from the lunch box for easy stacking and reduces transportation costs.

Foil Lid

Aluminum foil lunch box lids have even more benefits, such as:

  • Strong air barrier performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof;
  • Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance;
  • High temperature resistance (121℃), low temperature resistance (-50℃), oil resistance, and good fragrance retention performance;
  • Non-toxic and odorless, standard;
  • Good heat sealing performance, softness and high barrier properties;
  • Protect food from being perishable, healthy, hygienic, safe, and easy to carry, etc.

Hot Sealing Aluminum Foil Lid

Hot sealing aluminum foil lid, as the “golden partner” of aluminum foil trays, is also a sealing film that is highly compatible with aluminum foil lunch boxes.

  • Made of pure aluminum, it looks exquisite and feels delicate.
  • It can withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees, an important quality not found in other sealing options. It can effectively utilize the heat resistance of aluminum foil products.
  • The sealing performance is extremely strong, and the hot pressing technology is used to ensure the strong adsorption of the seal. It is not easy to be damaged or leaked during takeout delivery. If the meal you are serving is high-temperature, oily, soupy and juicy, heat-sealing aluminum foil is the only best choice.
  • Aluminum foil boxes can be microwave heated, but it should be noted that when using an aluminum foil box with an aluminum foil sealing film for microwave heating, the sealing film must be completely torn off before heating.
  • Printable. Whether it is printing logos, slogans, QR codes, advertisements and other text or patterns, it is no problem.

The aluminum foil lunch box lids of Yongsheng Aluminum have many advantages such as strong sealing barrier, good tear-off effect, bright colors, exquisite appearance, green environmental protection, high safety, strict testing, stable quality, etc., and the effect is very reliable. If you are interested in us or have questions, please feel free to call us.

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