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Why Choose Square Foil Pans for Baking

Square aluminum foil pans are a must-have for every baker. They are the perfect tool for making square cakes. Square foil pans are made of high-quality food-grade aluminum foil rolls, which have good thermal conductivity and heat resistance and can be used for oven baking. Disposable square pans are all designed with a flanging design, with a square appearance, which can effectively prevent food from spilling.
Baking pan square has stable performance, high temperature resistance and easy preservation, suitable for holding and heating food, convenient and safe. It can be used once by bakers or at home to reduce cleaning costs. It can also be put into the oven, electric steamer, air fryer, refrigerated and frozen. Square cake pans have transparent plastic covers, cardboard covers and foil covers for you to choose from.

2 Common Types of Foil Square Pan

8×8 Pan

what does a 8×8 pan look like?

8×8 baking pans are square, 8 inches x 8 inches in size, and usually between 1 and 2 inches in depth. 8×8 baking pans are made of high-quality aluminum foil, which is non-toxic and odorless, healthy and safe. The sturdy pleats and bottom pattern design prevent deformation and damage, ensure uniform heating, rounded corners are easy to clean, and deep full edges prevent sauce or batter from overflowing. Some 8 x 8 pans will have a non-stick coating to effectively avoid food sticking. Disposable foil 8×8 pans are perfect for baking bread, lasagna, brownies, bread, vegetables or roasted chicken legs, meat, leftovers, fruits, etc.

Item No.Sizes
YSA-SQ204Top Out204x204mm
Top In190x190mm

9×9 Pan

what does a 9×9 pan look like?

Foil 9×9 baking dish is a square baking pan that measures 9 inches x 9 inches, which is a perfect size for making layer cakes and brownies. Foil baking cake pan 9×9 comes with a transparent dome lid that is designed to “snap in” for a good seal and is oven safe after the lid is removed. It is commonly used in the food service industry in bakeries and restaurants. Here are 9×9 cake pan sizes:

Item No.Sizes
YSA-SQ230Top Out230x230mm
Top In215x215mm

Tips for Baking Cake In Square Foil Pan

  • Choose the right size foil pan depending on the amount and type of food you are baking. 8 inch, 9 inch, or 10 inch pans are common choices.
  • Before putting food in, always preheat the oven to the desired temperature. This helps the food start baking quickly and avoids uneven heating and cooling.
  • Apply a small amount of baking oil or butter to the surface of the foil pan to prevent food from sticking.
  • Spread the ingredients evenly in the middle of the pan, do not over-stack them, and do not place them on the sides.
  • Adjust the oven temperature appropriately depending on the type of food. Generally, cakes require lower temperatures, while cookies require higher temperatures.
  • Some dishes need to be turned over during baking to ensure that all sides are heated evenly.
  • Clean the foil pan immediately after baking to avoid residue accumulation that affects the next baking. It can be scrubbed with a mild detergent and a sponge.
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