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Outdoor grill is a device used for outdoor barbecue, usually made of metal materials such as stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum alloy. The most commonly used is the charcoal grill, which uses charcoal as fuel, has a separate charcoal basin and grill, and is not convenient to carry. Charcoal fire produces a lot of smoke when burning, affecting the barbecue experience.
The foil bbq grill tray makes up for the shortcomings of the charcoal grill and is designed for one-time use. Disposable grill pans are not limited by venue and time, and can be grilled at any time. This type of grill is small in size and light in weight, making it very convenient to carry.

What Is Aluminum Grill Pan

Disposable foil grill is a simple and convenient grilling tool that is often used in outdoor barbecue activities. Its main part is the foil grilling tray, which is rectangular and may have holes on the bottom or sides to ensure air circulation. There is usually a grill mesh inside the grilling tray to place the ingredients. The space inside the foil grilling tray is used to place charcoal as a heat source. Some foil grills may also have handles on both sides of the plate to facilitate carrying when grilling.

How to Use BBQ Trays

  • Prepare the grill: Open the foil grill and do not block the vents. Place disposable charcoal, but be careful not to place too much to avoid overheating.
  • Light the charcoal: Use a lighter or match to light the charcoal.
  • Wait for preheating: Let the charcoal or wood blocks burn for a while until a layer of white ash forms, indicating that the charcoal has been preheated and is suitable for grilling.

Grill the food: Place the ingredients to be grilled on the grill and add seasonings and sauces.
Turn the food: Turn the ingredients regularly to ensure that the food is grilled evenly and will not be burned or unevenly cooked.
Monitor the charcoal: During the grilling process, keep an eye on the charcoal at all times and add appropriate amount of charcoal when necessary to maintain sufficient firepower.
Finish the grilling: Wait until the food is grilled, remove the food, and be careful to use tools to avoid burns.
Extinguish the charcoal: Wait for the charcoal to be completely extinguished, and use soil or water to extinguish the dark fire.

BBQ Grill Drip Pan

BBQ grill drip pan is an essential part of the grill and is used to catch grease, drips and particles that fall from the food. The main purpose of the drip pan is to prevent grease from dripping onto the flames and causing a fire that can cause the food to burn or burn. Disposable drip pans are made of aluminum foil and are placed under the grill when in use to catch the grease.

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