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Why Choose Foil Cups

Foil cups, also known as foil baking cups or foil liners, are more heat-resistant than traditional paper baking cups, and their thermal conductivity is 30% higher. Made of aluminum foil, Foil cups can efficiently conduct heat and easily achieve ideal baking results.
Foil liners have strong walls, can stand independently without deformation, and are equipped with a variety of plastic lids. They can clearly display ingredients, and you can use them not only to make cakes, but also to make desserts such as jelly, pudding, and ice cream.

How to Use Aluminum Foil Cup in Oven

Aluminum foil cups are used for baking cakes and can be safely used in the oven. Before using, carefully check whether the cup body is deformed. If it is deformed, do not use it. Here is how to use the foil cup in the oven:

  • Preheat the oven: Preheat the oven to the appropriate temperature before putting the foil cup in.
  • Check the cup: Check the foil cup carefully before use to make sure there is no deformation or damage.
  • Add the batter: Prepare your batter and ingredients according to the recipe.
  • Control the time and temperature: I usually control the temperature to around 180°C and the baking time to within 20-30 minutes. Too high a temperature or too long a time may cause the foil cup to deform or the food to burn.
  • Use an insulating pad: To avoid burns, use insulating gloves or an insulating pad when removing the foil cup.

Foil vs Paper Baking Cups

When choosing between paper or foil baking cups, you will find that the main difference between the two is that foil cups can be used alone without the aid of other tools, while paper cups often require a plate or gasket to prevent the batter from spilling and leaking during baking.
In addition, foil cups conduct heat faster, ensuring that the cake is heated more evenly; traditional paper cups have poor thermal conductivity and are prone to uneven baking. The two also have a big difference in appearance. Foil baking cups have a metallic luster and can be customized in size and shape. The inner wall can be wrinkled or smooth. The inner surface of a paper cup is wrinkled, which is easy to stick to the cake.

Finally, the only downside of aluminum foil baking cups compared to paper baking cups is the higher cost. Especially if you want to customize, you may have to pay for the mold. But this is totally worth it, because no matter where you go, you will have to pay for special customization. At Yongsheng, we insist on providing you with the most reasonable quotation to help you control costs.

Do Foil Cups Need to be Greased or Papered

Aluminum foil baking cups do not have to be greased or lined with paper, it all depends on your preference. If you are baking liquid foods such as cakes, cookies, etc., you can apply a small amount of oil or put in a paper cup sleeve. For some non-stick foods such as rice, you don’t need to grease or line them with paper.
Sometimes you want to make delicate pastries, then you can choose colored aluminum foil baking cups or colored paper cups.

When applying cooking oil, it is recommended that you choose cooking oil for high-temperature cooking, such as vegetable oil, olive oil, etc. Just use a brush to gently apply it on the inside, and don’t apply too much, which will affect the taste of the food.
For baking paper, you only need to cut it into a circle of the same size as the bottom of the cup. Then gently press it to fit the wall of the cup.

Why Do Foil Cupcake Liners Come with Paper

Some foil cupcake liners often come with a paper liner. The main reason for this is that the paper liner maintains the shape and structure of the pastry and prevents the foil cup from collapsing when filled with batter. The paper liner is designed to be an effective thermal insulator between the foil and the batter. When serving, the paper liner helps prevent the hot, freshly baked cupcake from sticking to your fingers or losing its shape when you remove it from the liner.

Can Foil Muffin Cups Go in Oven

Aluminum foil muffin cups can definitely be used in the oven for muffins and cupcakes, and they can withstand the high temperatures of oven baking. The reason for this is that aluminum foil is sturdy and non-reactive, making it safe for use in the oven. And the smooth, non-stick surface of aluminum foil muffin cups makes it easy to remove the baked muffins or cupcakes, making it very convenient to use.

Finally, foil muffin cups are disposable and do not need to be washed after use. This disposable feature is important, especially for bakeries.

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