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Food packaging aluminum foil is an important market for aluminum foil applications. QYResearch research results show that the global food packaging aluminum foil market size will be approximately 28.4 billion yuan (RMB) in 2022, and is expected to reach 41.8 billion yuan in 2029, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6% during 2023-2029.

This article will explain the important role of aluminum foil serving trays in catering takeout, delivery, prepared food packaging and home applications:

Common Packaging Types for Food Grade Foil

Because of its thin thickness and low strength, aluminum foil can be used alone or together with plastic, paper and other materials as part of a composite packaging. In the field of food packaging, common food packaging aluminum foil application types include: aseptic packaging, foil serving pans, stand-up bags, wrapping paper, sealing cover films, high-temperature cooking bags, etc.

In the prepared food industry and market development industry chain, aluminum foil containers and aluminum foil flexible packaging will be the best packaging solutions. At the same time, in terms of cold chain food, fresh food packaging, food skin packaging, etc., high-temperature sterilization and sealing aluminum foil trays will be the most promising application market. Aluminum foil packaging can extend the shelf life and freshness period of food, and can be used in many applications. To a large extent, it can replace the commonly used plastic pallets, realize the recycling of packaging materials, and improve ecological benefits.

Catering Foil Trays

Catering foil trays, also known as disposable foil containers or pans, are products widely used in the food service and catering industries. This type of product has various specifications, is 100% recyclable, has residual value, is easy to heat in various ways, is convenient to use, hygienic and safe, and can reduce cleaning work. Types of aluminum foil catering trays include rectangular foil trays, round foil containers, square foil trays, heart-shaped foil trays, divided foil trays, aluminum foil containers with lids, aluminum foil pots, etc. They can be used for grilling, baking, broiling and more, and are all disposable.

9x13x2 inch aluminum catering foil tray oblong tin foil pan for food service and catering industries

Foil Containers for Ready-to-eat Foods

Ready-to-eat dishes have become a popular food category today. In order to extend the shelf life and facilitate heating, it is necessary to use packaging with good sealing and barrier properties. Aluminum foil-packed lunch boxes are ideal for pre-prepared dishes because the aluminum foil material is resistant to high and low temperatures, suitable for heating, and has strong ductility and can be made into packages of various shapes. Additionally, the environmental sustainability of aluminum foil also makes it a better choice.

300ml 1000ml 6 x 4 Inches OEM Logo Biodegradable Silver Small Big Foil Tray Aluminum Foil Food Packing Foil Container With Lids

Foil Tin Pans Brief Introduction

High Temperature Sterilization Resistant Aluminum Foil Serving Pan for Pet Wet Food

High Temperature Sterilization Resistant Aluminum Foil Serving Pan

Product features: The sealable aluminum foil lunch box has a longer shelf life due to its ease of tearing, resistance to high temperature sterilization, and high barrier properties; the lid can be labeled or printed.
Application: Ready-to-open foods, processed meat/fish, pet wet food, cheese, jam, juice and other foods.

Plain Aluminum Foil Container Foil Tray 2.25lb Disposable Takeout Pans With Clear Dome Lids Aluminum Foil Food Container Oblong Pan

Plain Aluminum Foil Container

Product features: Plain aluminum foil containers are light in weight, have good heat resistance, are non-toxic and harmless, can withstand high temperatures of 200°C and above, are heat-insulating and leak-proof, and some are reusable.
Application: Takeaway food pans, fast food trays, baking trays, roasted vegetables, roasted meats, refrigerator freezer storage.

Deep Gastronorm Steamtable Aluminium Foil Pan With Lid Tin Foil Pan Food Service Catering

Catering Aluminum Foil Pan

Product features: Direct contact with food; put into the oven, high temperature, open flame gun direct spray without losing color; secondary rapid heating of food, keep food fresh; frozen, low temperature freezing and refrigeration resistance; high barrier; good thermal stability; easy to clean; no deformation, recyclable.
Applications: Chinese and Western food take-out, frozen products of commercial supermarkets, airline meal preparation; baking industry; food industry; electronics industry, etc.

Foil Containers Newest Design Airline Aluminum Foil Food Container With Lid Disposable Eco-friendly Home Kitchen Backing 7"

Aluminum Foil Heat-sealing Container

Product features: Internal film coating, external coating; quality and freshness preservation; maintaining the original taste of food and extending the shelf life.
Applications: It can be used to hold ready-to-eat foods, seafood dishes, ready-to-eat meals and other foods.

Foil Container Manufacturer 1000ml High Temperature Full Size Thickened Rectangular Airline Food Tray Aluminium Foil Containers With Lid Gold Tin Disposable

Coated Foil Serving Container

Product features: External coating, internal colorless coating; safe and hygienic, non-toxic and odorless.
Applications: It is used in various self-heating product series such as self-heating hotpot, self-heating rice, self-heating vermicelli, etc.

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