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What Is Large Aluminum Pans

Large aluminum pans or large foil pans are made of aluminum foil and can be used for cooking, baking, or serving food. They come in shapes such as round, rectangular, oval, and square, in a variety of depths and sizes, and can be used at temperatures up to 200°C. Large aluminum trays are suitable for serving food to large groups or preparing batches of food. This article will introduce you to the main types and sizes of large aluminum foil pans:

5 Large Foil Pan Types

Aluminum Steam Table Pan

Large aluminum steam table pans commonly used in food service and catering. The pot can also be used as a water dish for smaller steam stations and for making large casseroles, party meals, and main dishes. Great for freezing food and food storage. According to the size of the plate, it can be divided into full size deep aluminum pan and half size deep aluminum pan. These two steam pans can be divided into three different types: deep, medium and shallow according to the different depths.

aluminum foil steam table pan

Aluminum Roasting Pan

Large aluminum roasting pans are commonly used for cooking turkey, ham, ribs, roasts, and more. They can also be used as baking pans or when you need a large amount of food. Aluminum roaster pans are usually rectangular or oval in shape, not very deep, and have a flat or ridged bottom. The most common large aluminum roast pan is the aluminum turkey roasting pan.

Aluminum Catering Foil Trays

Large rectangular foil trays have rolled edges, suitable for freezer and oven, reinforced and raised tray walls create a sturdy structure that will not bend when put in and out of the oven. Like all our foil trays, it is 100% recyclable. Foil trays for catering have a capacity of 1550ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, etc.

catering aluminum foil pan

Large Foil Pizza Pans

Aluminum foil pizza pans are the typical round large-size aluminum foil pans, perfect for making pizza, large cookies, cinnamon rolls, Danish rolls, etc. Large-size foil pizza pans can hold heavier foods without bending or deforming, like 10″ foil pans, 12″ foil pans, 14″ foil pans, etc.

Deep Aluminum Pan

Deep foil trays, also known as high-sided foil baking pans, are a type of baking pan specifically designed for a variety of baking and roasting applications. Deep foil pans are available in a variety of standard sizes: half-size deep foil pans, full-size foil pans, and extra-deep foil pans. Deep dish aluminum foil pans are suitable for baking casseroles, lasagnas, large roasted meats, vegetables, deli food, lining steam tables or buffet hot pots, etc., which can effectively prevent spills and leaks during transportation.

Big Aluminum Pan Sizes

Item No.Top size(mm)Base size(mm)Height(mm)Capacity(ml)Packing(pcs/ctn)Carton size(mm)

Large Foil Pan Applications

🥘 Large-sized aluminum foil steam tray has a small hole design, which is suitable for steaming ovens and is usually used to steam foods such as vegetables, meat and seafood. It has good air permeability and can maintain the moisture and taste of food.

🔥 Large size foil grill pan can withstand high temperature and prevent food from getting on the grill pan, suitable for barbecue parties and family barbecues. Commonly used for grilling food such as meat, vegetables, chicken wings, etc. It can be used in indoor ovens or outdoor grills.

🍱 Rectangular aluminum foil trays for catering are commonly used for take-out food, restaurant packaging, fast food chains and other occasions. Suitable for serving large portions of food. Thick aluminum foil material, leak-proof and seepage-proof, keeping food fresh. Easy to stack and store, convenient for the quick operation of catering business.

🍲 Large size deep aluminum foil pans are designed with depth, usually used for baking deep cakes, stews, baked pasta and other dishes. Suitable for parties, catering services and other occasions.

🥧 The aluminum foil deep pan has a certain depth and firmness, suitable for a variety of cooking needs. It can be used in catering business, home cooking and outdoor gatherings. It can be used for baking, cooking, storing and transporting various foods, such as barbecue, baked goods, stews, etc.

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