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Various Shaped Foil Trays

Foil trays are widely used in the field of food packaging and come in a variety of shapes to meet the needs of baking, grilling, cooking, etc.
The shapes of foil trays in the early 20th century were relatively simple, mostly rectangular or round. With the continuous improvement of production technology, the production process of foil trays has become more and more sophisticated, and more complex shapes can be produced. The following are several common foil tray shapes on the market:

Various Foil Tray

Aluminum Foil Tray Sizes

There is no unified answer to foil tray sizes. Foil tray manufacturers usually classify them into the following categories based on the size:

Large foil trays: Big foil trays usually between 9×13″-14×18″, they can accommodate a whole turkey or a large steak, suitable for large gatherings, parties or one-time self-service dining.

Medium foil trays: Usually 9×9 in size, they are mostly used for stir-frying, gratin and barbecue. Suitable for medium-sized food such as family gatherings.

Small foil trays: Foil trays small are suitable for single-person food, used to make small salads, small pieces of grilled meat, etc., and their common sizes are about 5×5-inch trays and 8×8 foil trays.

Mini foil trays: This is the smallest size of disposable aluminum trays, suitable for single-person gratin, small bento, desserts, etc. It is very small and may be 3 x 3 inches in size.

4 Main Applications of Aluminum Foil Food Trays

Foil Serving Trays

As a common tool in the catering industry, foil serving trays have great demand and market share. Catering foil trays are usually used in take-out, fast food restaurants, cafeterias and other occasions, especially popular in temporary events, parties and picnics. Compared with plastic lunch boxes, paper packaging and glass tableware, foil trays for catering are diversified in size and shape, cheap, disposable or reusable, easy to clean and recyclable.

Foil Cooking Trays

Foil cooking trays refer to aluminum foil trays used in cooking, baking and other cooking processes. They are widely used in home cooking, restaurant kitchens and takeaway delivery. Tin foil cooking trays are generally divided according to their common uses, such as:

Chafing Dish Buffet Set, Half Size, Disposable Catering Supplies

Foil baking trays: Tin foil baking trays refer to aluminum foil baking trays used for baking, mainly used in home baking and cake shops. There are heart-shaped foil baking trays, round foil baking trays, etc., and they are equipped with anti-stick and heat insulation functions. Baking in foil trays are usually easy to buy and can be purchased in various retail channels such as supermarkets, department stores, and kitchenware stores.
Foil pie trays: Aluminum foil pie trays refer to aluminum foil trays specially used for baking pie foods, usually in a round shape. Compared with traditional glass or ceramic products, foil pie trays are more environmentally friendly and recyclable, and are deeply favored by consumers.
Turkey foil tray: Aluminum foil turkey tray refers to aluminum foil trays used for baking turkeys, mainly used for Thanksgiving turkey cooking. The shapes are round, oval, rectangular, etc. to meet personalized needs. Especially in North America, it is most popular in areas where the Thanksgiving turkey consumption culture is more important.

Foil Warming Trays

Foil warming trays are metal aluminum foil trays specially used for heating and keeping food warm, usually used with foil tray holder. Heating foil trays are widely used in family gatherings, buffets, hotel banquets and other occasions. Foil tray warmer is resistant to high temperatures and leak-proof. Compared with traditional insulation equipment, foil warming trays are lighter and more environmentally friendly, meeting consumer needs.

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Is Foil Tray Microware Safe

Microwave-safe aluminum foil trays can be heated in the microwave. Microwave-safe aluminum foil trays are usually specially coated to resist sparks caused by microwaves and can be safely used in the microwave.

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