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Aluminum foil coffee capsule cups generally grind coffee beans into powder, fill them into a container that looks like a capsule, and then seal them with aluminum foil film, so they are called coffee capsules.

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Coffee capsules are packed in aluminum foil cups. Because they use food-grade aluminum foil, this material is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. The bottom of the capsule is the water inlet, and the aluminum foil cover is the extraction outlet for the coffee liquid. The capsule cup body and aluminum foil cover film used should have high barrier properties against external oxygen, water vapor and other gases to ensure that the aroma is not easily lost and agglomeration does not occur, and that the prototype can be maintained at high temperatures.

Features and Advantages

The coffee capsule aluminum foil cup packaging has a relatively hard texture and maintains its original shape well at high temperatures. Therefore, high-pressure water vapor can be injected into the capsule, so that the coffee powder can be completely separated under the action of pressure, resulting in a rich espresso.

Aluminum Foil Coffee Capsule Features


  • Environmental Friendly

    Our aluminum foil containers are fully recyclable with decent resource and energy efficiency.

  • Convenient and Safe

    Cooking and packing all types of food in the same container. No smell or leakage. Suitable for oven, steam box, microwave oven, and stove.

  • Cost Effective

    High quality cost effective food packing solutions. Lightweight, good durability, space saving, and more.

  • Applications

    Baking, airline catering, takeout, picnics, cooked food, pastries, fast food, barbecues, cakes, and many more!


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