Rectangular Foil Pan YSA-B195

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YSA-B95 aluminum foil tray is a rectangular container, mainly used for baking bread, barbecue, etc. Its longest side is about 195mm, and its individual weight is 7.5g.

Product Details

YSA-B195 features a shallow design with a flat bottom and slightly higher edges. The bottom is designed to be flat so that food can evenly contact the heat source; the raised edge design prevents food grease and juice from spilling.

YSA B195 details


  • Smooth surface: It avoids food sticking and facilitates cleaning.
  • Anti-deformation: The design is stable and not easy to deform or crack, ensuring that the structural integrity is maintained during high-temperature grilling.
  • Size specifications: YSA aluminum foil baking pans are available in various sizes to adapt to different sizes of ovens or barbecue needs.
  • High temperature resistance: Able to withstand high-temperature grilling to ensure that food is grilled evenly and safely.
  • Environmental protection: Aluminum foil materials can be recycled and reused, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection.
YSA B195 features


  • Environmental Friendly

    Our aluminum foil containers are fully recyclable with decent resource and energy efficiency.

  • Convenient and Safe

    Cooking and packing all types of food in the same container. No smell or leakage. Suitable for oven, steam box, microwave oven, and stove.

  • Cost Effective

    High quality cost effective food packing solutions. Lightweight, good durability, space saving, and more.

  • Applications

    Baking, airline catering, takeout, picnics, cooked food, pastries, fast food, barbecues, cakes, and many more!


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