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YSA-POT390 7600ml large-size aluminum foil pot with lid is made of food-grade aluminum foil, which is resistant to high temperatures and oil, and is suitable for steaming and cooking. We can customize the size, thickness, shape, provide OEM and ODM services, and you can get our free samples.

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With a capacity of up to 7600ml, this pot is perfect for storing large amounts of food. It is spacious enough to accommodate various types of dishes such as soups, stews, curries, pasta, casseroles and more. The pot comes with a secure lid that helps seal in freshness and prevent leaks or spills during transportation. The lid is designed to provide a tight and reliable seal, protecting your food and preserving its aroma and flavor.

  • Top out diameter: 390mm
  • Top in diameter: 328mm
  • Height: 115mm
  • Base diameter: 290mm


  1. Capacity: 7600 ml (7.6 litres) – ideal for bulk food storage.
  2. Material: Aluminum foil, provides excellent thermal insulation properties and maintains food freshness.
  3. Lid: A tight-fitting lid helps keep contents secure and food warm.
  4. Versatile: suitable for ovens, refrigerators and freezers, making it easy to store, reheat and serve food.
  5. Disposable: Designed for single use, making cleaning a breeze without compromising quality.


  • Environmental Friendly

    Our aluminum foil containers are fully recyclable with decent resource and energy efficiency.

  • Convenient and Safe

    Cooking and packing all types of food in the same container. No smell or leakage. Suitable for oven, steam box, microwave oven, and stove.

  • Cost Effective

    High quality cost effective food packing solutions. Lightweight, good durability, space saving, and more.

  • Applications

    Baking, airline catering, takeout, picnics, cooked food, pastries, fast food, barbecues, cakes, and many more!


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