7 8 9 Inch Round Aluminum Foil Pan YSA


YSA-7 8 9 inch pan


720ml, 880ml, 930ml




10.0g, 11.0g, 14.0g





YSA-7 8 9″ pan means that the top out of the foil pan is approximately 7 inches, 8 inches and 9 inches, and their capacities are 720ml, 880ml, 930ml respectively.

YSA-7″ Pan

  • Top size: 185x160mm
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Bottom diameter: 142mm
  • Capacity: 720ml

YSA-8″ Pan

  • Top size: 215x195mm
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Bottom diameter: 175mm
  • Capacity: 880ml

YSA-9″ Pan

  • Top size: 234x215mm
  • Capacity: 930ml
  • Bottom diameter: 200mm
  • Depth: 46mm

Product Details Show

Curling design: Curling edge design protects hands from injury.
High-Side design: Secures lid to container, retains heat and prevents leaks.
Ribbed design: Reinforced ribs on the sides and bottom make the container stronger.
These foil pans can be equipped with lids to meet different customer requirements.

7 8 9 round foil pan details


  • It can withstand temperatures up to 1220℉ and is freeze safe.
  • Suitable for baking, grilling, high-temperature heating, etc..
  • Non-toxic, no odor.
7 8 9 foil pan features


  • Environmental Friendly

    Our aluminum foil containers are fully recyclable with decent resource and energy efficiency.

  • Convenient and Safe

    Cooking and packing all types of food in the same container. No smell or leakage. Suitable for oven, steam box, microwave oven, and stove.

  • Cost Effective

    High quality cost effective food packing solutions. Lightweight, good durability, space saving, and more.

  • Applications

    Baking, airline catering, takeout, picnics, cooked food, pastries, fast food, barbecues, cakes, and many more!


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