What is Aluminum Foil Coffee Capsule?

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Aluminum foil coffee capsules are pre-measured containers of single-serve coffee grounds that are sealed with aluminum foil. These capsules are designed to be used in specific coffee machines, which pierce the capsule and brew coffee directly from it. In recent years, aluminum foil coffee capsules have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and stable quality.

aluminum foil coffee capsule with lids

How Did the Name Come About?

The concept of coffee capsules was born in 1976. A coffee connoisseur named Eric Favre visited countless cafes in Italy and tasted thousands of cups of espresso coffee with different flavors. He discovered the boss’s different methods of making espresso at a coffee shop in Rome called Sant’ Eustachio. When he operated the espresso machine, he often complicatedly pulled the handle because he thought the machine was malfunctioning, causing a large amount of compressed gas to enter the cup, and Therefore, he was inspired to develop the coffee capsule products that people see today.

Coffee capsules, also known as: “coffee capsules” or “coffee bombs” are a pre-processed coffee product. It is made of coffee beans that are made into coffee powder through special processing and then packed in aluminum foil packaging cups. The outer shell of this aluminum foil capsule is made of food-grade aluminum foil, which is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and has high temperature resistance. The aluminum foil seal can effectively isolate It blocks the entry of air to ensure the freshness and sealing of the coffee, making the coffee fresh for 6-18 months, making it safer and more hygienic and convenient for brewing.

Empty Aluminum Foil Coffee Cup Features

Freshness: Aluminum foil is a good barrier to oxygen, light, and moisture, helping to maintain the freshness and flavor of your ground coffee. This ensures that each cup of coffee brewed from the capsule tastes as fresh as possible.
Hygiene: Aluminum foil coffee capsules are generally more hygienic than traditional coffee brewing methods because the capsules are sealed and protected from contamination.
Convenient: Aluminum foil coffee capsules are very easy to use. Simply insert the capsule into a compatible coffee machine and the machine will puncture the capsule and brew coffee automatically. There’s no need to measure or grind coffee beans, making it a fast and clean way to brew coffee.
Consistency: Each foil coffee capsule contains a pre-measured amount of ground coffee, ensuring consistent flavor and consistency in every cup. This eliminates the variability that can occur when manually measuring and grinding coffee beans.
Rich variety: Foil coffee capsules are available in a variety of flavors and roasting levels, from dark roasted espresso to flavored blended coffee, to meet the tastes and preferences of different consumers.

Common Size

coffee capsules size type

  1. Standard size coffee capsules
    Standard size coffee capsules are the most common, they are usually 18 mm in diameter, 36 mm in length and weigh 4 grams. Coffee capsules of this size fit into any standard coffee machine, including French press, moka, and espresso machines.
  2. Long size coffee capsules
    Long size coffee capsules usually have a diameter of 24 mm, a length of 40 mm and a weight of 7 grams. Coffee capsules of this size are suitable for use in larger coffee machines, such as ear-hung coffee makers and French presses.
  3. Medium size coffee capsules
    Medium size coffee capsules usually have a diameter of 24 mm, a length of 36 mm and a weight of 10 grams. Coffee capsules of this size are suitable for use in medium-sized coffee machines, such as espresso machines and pour-over coffee machines.
  4. Small size coffee capsules
    Small size coffee capsules are usually 18 mm in diameter, 24 mm in length and 3 grams in weight. Coffee capsules of this size are suitable for use in small coffee machines, such as capsule coffee machines and small espresso machines.
  5. Special size coffee capsules
    There are also some special size coffee capsules, such as a reduced version of long-sized coffee capsules, with a diameter of 20 mm, a length of 32 mm, and a weight of 5 grams; a reduced version of medium-sized coffee capsules, with a diameter of 22 mm and a length of 34 mm , weighing 8 grams; and a smaller version of the small coffee capsule, with a diameter of 19 mm, a length of 26 mm and a weight of 2 grams.

Coffee capsules come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that suits you based on your needs and preferences. Whether at home or at work, you can conveniently enjoy fresh and delicious coffee.


Lightweight and malleable: Aluminum foil is lightweight and malleable, making it easy to transport and store. The capsules are also compact and take up very little space.
Recyclable: Aluminum is a recyclable material, which helps reduce the environmental impact of using aluminum foil coffee capsules.
Compatible with a variety of coffee machines: Foil coffee pods are generally compatible with a variety of coffee machines, making it easy to find a machine that suits your needs and preferences.

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