Why Are Disposable Aluminum Lasagna Pans So Popular?

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What Is Aluminum Lasagna Pan

Aluminum lasagna pan, the most commonly used type of lasagna pan, is also called foil lasagna pan. Aluminum foil lasagna tray is a rectangular container made of aluminum foil with a smooth surface. It is mainly used for baking lasagna and has become a mainstream kitchenware for professional chefs and home kitchens. Disposable lasagna pans are lightweight, have good thermal conductivity and durability, have a raised edge design, and some is lasagna pan with lids to meet your sealing needs. This article will introduce you to the most popular aluminum foil lasagna trays, the classification of disposable lasagna pans, dimensions of lasagna pan, and precautions when using them.

Disposable Aluminum Lasagna Tray Types

Disposable aluminum lasagna trays can be divided into four types, as follows:

Plain disposable lasagna tray: It is the most basic style, made of pure aluminum foil, with a smooth and flat surface. It is suitable for daily frying and baking lasagna, pancakes, etc. at home, and is easy to clean and store.
Anti-stick aluminum lasagna tray: An anti-stick coating is added to the surface of the aluminum foil. The size specifications are similar to the ordinary ones, with slight differences. It is smoother when used, and it is easy to remove the formed lasagna from the plate.
Thickened aluminum foil lasagna pan: Made of thicker aluminum foil material, it enhances the load-bearing capacity of the plate. The size is slightly larger than the first two, suitable for cooking large portions of lasagna or other noodle foods, and more durable.
Lasagna tray with lid: Equipped with a transparent lid made of glass or aluminum on the top of the plate. It can better maintain the temperature of food and prevent splashing. The size is slightly larger than the ordinary one.

What Is the Size of Lasagna Pan

The size of a lasagna pan is determined by the length, width, depth and capacity of the pan. There is no uniform standard for the dimensions of lasagna pan, and each manufacturer has different production standards for lasagna trays. The following is a summary of the aluminum foil lasagna pan dimensions chart from Yongsheng Aluminum Foil Container Factory:

Dimensions of Lasagna Pan

NameTop OutTop InBaseDepthCapacity
YSA-RE1485 13/16” x 4 3/4”5 1/8” x 4 1/8”4 1/14” x 3 1/4”1 7/8”15 fl.oz
YSA-RE1867 5/16” x 5 3/8”6 5/8” x 4 13/16”5 11/16” x 3 13/16”1 7/8”23 fl.oz
YSA-RE2208 11/16” x 5 11/16”8 1/4” x 5 5/16”7 13/16” x 4 13/16”1 1/8”24 fl.oz
YSA-RE222B8 3/4” x 6 3/16”7 7/8” x 5 3/8”7 5/16” x 4 13/16”1 9/16”23 fl.oz
YSA-RE2178 9/16” x 6”7 15/16” x 5 3/8”7” x 4 7/16”1 7/8”30 fl.oz
YSA-RE222A8 3/4” x 6 3/16”8” x 5 9/16”6 7/8” x 4 7/16”2 1/8”34 fl.oz
YSA-RE31512 3/8” x 8 7/16”11 9/16” x 7 11/16”10 7/8 x 6 15/16”1 3/4”71 fl.oz
YSA-RE254B10” x 7 1/2”9 1/16” x 6 1/2”8 1/16” x 5 7/16”2 11/16”64 fl.oz
YSA-RE254A10” x 7 3/8”9 1/8” x 6 9/16”8” x 5 3/8”3”74 fl.oz
YSA-RE32612 13/16” x 8 13/16”12 5/16” x 8 1/4”11 9/16” x 7 9/16”1 1/4”57 fl.oz
YSA-RE45017 3/4” x 13 1/16”17 3/16” x 12 1/2”16 3/8” x 11 9/16”1 1/8”
YSA-RE34513 9/16” x 9 3/4”12 11/16” x 8 15/16”11 7/8” x 8 1/8”1 15/16”101 fl.oz
YSA-RE34713 11/16” x 9 7/8”12 13/16” x 8 15/16”11 3/4” x 8”1 7/8”101 fl.oz

Most Popular – 9×13 Lasagna Foil Pan

9×13 lasagna pan is mainly used for baking lasagna. Due to its moderate size, it can be used to bake large portions of lasagna, and it is also convenient to bake small snacks separately, meeting the cooking needs of a family of 2-4 people. 9×13 foil lasagna pan is light in weight, has the right capacity, is easy to move, and its pan surface is large enough to conduct heat effectively. This size of foil pan is also convenient to place in a locker or cupboard, and will not take up too much space. It is in the most demand in the market. You can purchase it from aluminum foil container distributors, wholesalers, factories, etc., or you can buy it directly from aluminum foil pan stores.

How to Bake Lasagna in a Foil Pan

  • Preparation: Prepare the lasagna, the ingredients, sauces and an aluminum foil lasagna pan (e.g. 9×13 inches). Preheat the oven to about 175°C, making sure the temperature is even and stable.
  • Apply cooking oil: Apply a layer of cooking oil evenly on the bottom of the aluminum foil pan, place the lasagna, put the fillings on the dough, and repeat until the aluminum foil lasagna pan is filled, and cover the last layer with cheese.
  • Bake: Place the loaded aluminum foil pan in the preheated oven. Depending on the amount of ingredients and personal preference, the baking time is generally 30-45 minutes. The temperature can be adjusted appropriately during the process to ensure that the surface is golden and crispy.
  • Check for doneness: Use a knife and fork to insert the lasagna to ensure that the lasagna is cooked through and the cheese is completely melted. After baking, remove from the oven and cool slightly before eating.

Aluminum Baking Lasagna Foil Pan Advantages

Aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity and can quickly and evenly transfer heat to the ingredients.
The surface is smooth, the ingredients are not easy to stick, and it is easy to demold.
It is reusable, easy to clean, and economical.

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