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Henan Yongsheng Aluminum is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum foil containers and rolls with 25 years manufacturing and export experience. With our high quality product  and consist output, we are able to partnered with distributors and brands from over 60 countries and gained great reputation globally. YSA aluminum foil containers are a perfect solution for food packaging. Our foil containers not only preserve the freshness and flavor but also can be used to cook, freeze, transport and serve food, all in one single convinent package. All of our products are complaint with international food safety standards.

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Advanced Automated Production Line

Henan Yongsheng Aluminum is equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure the finest hygiene level and product quality. The production and management of the factory operates strictly according the requirements of ISO9001, BRC, HACCP, SGS, BSCI and other international quality management system certification and international food safety management system certification.

Quality Control

Over 20 years of development, YSA has reached a remarkable production capacity with our advanced automated production lines. Under the strict quality control with consistent output, we gained a great reputation globally and has long term partnership with largest international supermarkets and brands, including Walmart, Costco, Dollarama, etc.

Wide Range of Selection

Henan Yongsheng Aluminum offers various sizes, shapes, and colors of alumium foil containers to meet all your food packaging needs. Our products are divided into 2 main categories: smoothwall foil containers and regular foil containers which covers nearly all applications you can think of.



Aluminum foil bakery pans are disposable and commonly used in bakeries and home kitchens for baking a variety of dishes such as cakes, brownies, casseroles, and more.


Our take-out pans are made with heavy gauge aluminum foil and available in various sizes and shapes with foil board and clear lid options. 


Aluminum foil steam table pans, also known as foil roasting pans, are versatile containers used for cooking, serving, and storing food in catering, food service, and home kitchen settings.


Aluminum foil containers for retail catering are designed for serving and packaging food in catering businesses, restaurants, or for retail purposes. These containers are lightweight, durable, and heat-resistant, making it ideal for storing and transporting a variety of hot and cold foods.


Premium quality durable loaf pan in various sizes. Sturdy and strong. Perfect pans for small individual size portions, for baking pastries, sweets, desserts, breads.


Best container for baking mini pie, tarts, creme brulee, and much more. Our high-quality tart pans come in various sizes to suit your specific needs.


Premium Quality

We are equipped with automated advanced aluminum foil container machines to ensure consistent premium product quality. Sturdy and strong foil containers with accurate weight as described.

Fast Leads

Large stocks for regular products. 3~15 days lead time for custom order. Also, we have partnered with shipping companies for fastest shipping and lowest rate possible.

After-sale Service

We're confident about our products and provide full refund or exchange for damaged products.

Food Grade

We prioritize hygiene in our production lines with regular cleaning and sanitization to ensure product safety and quality. FDA approved.

Competitive Price

We supply aluminum foil containers directly from our factory. We have reliable source for high quality aluminum foil to cut off price even further.

Professional Team

25 years manufacturing and export experience factory in China. 65% tech employees are with more than 10 years experience in the industry.


We provide OEM and ODM services based on custom designs

Custom Lid Options

Custom Image and Logo Printing

Custom Sizes/Colors/Shapes

Lid Options

Frequently Asked Questions

The mininum order quantity is 10000 pcs.

Yes, we can do custom logos on the aluminum foil containers and also the lids.

Yes, we are capable of making molds to produce aluminum foil containers based on your specific designs.

Yes, our products are complied with international standards. FDA approved. SGS certified.

Yes, our aluminum foil containers are fully disposable and environmental friendly.

We usually take 3~15 days to produce your order. Complex designs may take longer than usual.

Yes, we had shipped our products over 30 countries and we are partnered with shipping companies for most reliable and cost-effective shipping.

Yes, we maintain large stocks for common products to reduce lead time.

We have over 100 aluminum foil containers models in different sizes or shapes and we are adding more to suit consumer’s needs.

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