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What is Heavy Duty Aluminum Pan

Heavy duty aluminum pan is container made of thick aluminum foil and is a must-have for catering kitchens and home kitchens. Heavy duty aluminum foil pans are stronger and more heat-resistant than standard disposable aluminum pans, and can be reused. Heavy duty aluminum foil pans are large-sized aluminum foil pans that come in common sizes such as rectangular and round, and are a popular choice for baking, cooking, and grilling. Heavy duty aluminum pots and pans are popular because of their safety, durability, large size, and wide range of applications. This article will take a deep look at the characteristics, classification, and main uses of heavy duty aluminum foil pans to help you determine if it meets your needs.

What Makes Heavy Duty Aluminum Pans with Lids Special

The main advantage of heavy duty aluminum pans with lids is that it allows the pan to be used for stewing, steaming and cooking food. The lid of heavy duty aluminum pans is tighter and more secure, with excellent sealing performance, which can effectively prevent heat and moisture loss. The lid is made of pure aluminum foil and can withstand high temperatures of 400-450°F. It has two types: plain foil lid and full rim foil lid. The former has no folds around the lid, while the latter has folds around the lid. The full rim lid is designed with curled edges for easy removal. Heavy duty aluminum pans with lids provide a safe and airtight space for the dish, which not only prevents food from spilling and contamination, but also maintains the flavor and freshness of the dish and prolongs the storage time.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Pan Types

The main feature of heavy-duty foil pans is that they use thicker foil, with the thickness of the pan usually ranging from 50-70 microns. This means that heavy-duty aluminum pans are thicker and stronger, and can withstand high temperatures of around 500°F, making them suitable for use in ovens, grills, and grills. They are more resistant to warping, denting, and tearing than disposable foil pans. Heavy-duty foil pans come in a variety of standard sizes and shapes, including:

  • Square and rectangular sizes, such as 8×8, 9×13, 10×15 inches
  • Larger rectangular pans, up to 13×9 inches
  • Disposable half-size steam table pans, about 12.75×10.25 inches
  • Round pie pans and casseroles

Among them, the most commonly used are heavy duty rectangular foil pans, which can be divided into 1/2 size foil pan and full size foil pan.

1/2 size heavy duty foil pan is a common size used in commercial and industrial kitchens. This size is called “half size” because it is about half the size of a full-size commercial steam table pan, which measures 18 x 26 inches. Like other heavy-duty foil pans, the 1/2 size pan is made of a thick, durable aluminum alloy. The thickness is usually between 0.025-0.030 inches. Many half size foil pans have reinforced edges or interlocking bases for added stability and strength. Some may also have a nonstick inner coating.

Full size heavy duty foil pan is a standard size widely used in commercial and industrial kitchens, catering, and large food services. It matches the size of a standard commercial steam table or food service pan and can cook and hold large amounts of food. Full-size foil pans can be used for baking lasagnas, roasting meats, cooking casseroles, and serving side dishes. They are also commonly used for catering events, picnics, potlucks, and food storage.

Versatile Applications

Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Pans

Heavy duty aluminum baking pans are a type of baking pan that is primarily used for baking bread, cakes, and muffins. It has excellent thermal conductivity, is durable, and never deforms at high temperatures. Heavy duty foil baking pans are designed with reinforced edges, which are strong and not easy to bend, and can remain unchanged even with frequent use.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Roasting Pan

Heavy duty aluminum foil roasting pans are usually made of aluminum foil, which is thicker and can withstand high-temperature baking and have good baking effects. Heavy duty aluminum roasting pans come in a variety of sizes, including shallow, medium and deep designs to meet different cooking needs. This thickened aluminum foil makes the grill pan more durable and not easy to deform, dent or break.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Pie Pans

Heavy-duty aluminum pie pans are a type of baking utensil designed specifically for making pies in a high-volume environment. Common heavy-duty aluminum foil pie pans are 9 inch round pie pans and deep dish 10 inch pie pans. Aluminum foil pans have excellent high-temperature resistance and can be safely placed in the oven for baking, ensuring that food is evenly heated. In addition to thickness, heavy-duty pie pans usually have reinforced designs on the edges, such as reinforced curling or bottom patterns, to increase their overall strength.

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