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What Are Pie Tins

Pie tins, also known as pie pans or pie plates, are a kitchen essential for baking delicious pies, quiches and tarts. They come in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, glass, ceramic and even silicone, each with its own benefits. Pie tins have a flat bottom and slightly sloped sides, perfect for creating a golden, crispy crust. Some pie pans also have fluted edges, which add beauty to the finished pie.

How Pie ​​and Pie Pan Originated

“Pie” originated in the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. The Egyptians at that time used piled dough to surround a sweet filling, which once baked formed a food similar to modern pie. This food also appeared in the later ancient Greek and Roman periods. Ancient pies usually combined meat, vegetable and fruit fillings, wrapped in dough mixed with flour, water and oil. In the Middle Ages, people began to use animal fat and butter to make pie crusts with a richer taste. At the same time, the shape of the pie plate also developed from the original round to rectangular, oval, etc.

The earliest pie tins were made of ceramics. Over time, people began to use metal materials such as tin foil and aluminum to make pie plates. It was not until the early 20th century that disposable pie pans began to appear on the market. These pie pans were usually made of aluminum foil, paper or plastic, and could be directly discarded after use, providing a more convenient option for modern people to use in the kitchen.

Why Foil Pie Pans Are Better Than Others

Aluminum pie plates have excellent thermal conductivity, which allows the pie to be heated evenly during baking. Compared with disposable paper and plastic plates, aluminum foil can withstand higher baking temperatures, and even at high temperatures, the foil pie plate will not deform or crack.
More importantly, the cost of aluminum foil as a pie tin raw material is much lower than that of ceramic or stainless steel. Not only does it have more diverse shapes, but it can also be used one-time, which is very suitable for mass production.

Pie Pan Size

Pie plates have many sizes, usually ranging from 3-12 inches in diameter, and there is a pie plate for every baking and dessert. The most common on the market are the 8 pie pan, 9 pie plate, and 10 inch pie plate.

8 inch pie pan is an 8 inch (203.2mm) diameter pie tin suitable for use at home or small gatherings, often used to make small desserts or individual pies.

  • Top size: 215mm
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Capacity: 880ml

9 pie pan is the most commonly used pie plate. It is suitable for 4-6 people, catering and baking industries. It can be put into a plain oven.

  • Top size: 234mm
  • Depth: 46mm
  • Capacity: 930ml

10 inch pie plate is larger in size and can hold more fillings. It is suitable for family gatherings of 6-8 people, large parties and business applications.

  • Top size: 244mm
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Capacity: 975ml

Special Aluminum Pie Pans

Pie pans with lids: Some pie pans with lids are designed to better store pies and prevent them from getting damaged during transport. Some people choose a transparent pie tin with lid for aesthetics.

Deep pie pans: deep dish disposable pie pans hold more than pie pans of the same diameter, which prevents fillings from spilling out. The deep design of disposable deep dish pie pans allows for more even heating, allowing heat to be better transferred to the center of the filling.

Mini aluminum pie pans: usually 4-6 inches in diameter, small capacity, can be used to make tarts. High baking efficiency, delicate and cute, can be reused.

Pie vs Tart Pan

Some people may have doubts about pie tins and tart pans. They think that pie pans and tart tins are not much different and can be used interchangeably. I think they can be used interchangeably. They are both disposable baking pans, but they are slightly different in shape and depth.
Pie tins are usually deep and wide round containers used for making pies. They are deep enough to hold rich fillings and usually have a bottom and side walls; tart pans are shallow and wide round containers used for making tarts. They are usually shallower than pie pans and have a bottom but no obvious side walls.

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