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Know Foil Pan Dimensions

Aluminum foil pan sizes include standard conventions such as gauge, thickness, dimensions, and capacity. Aluminum foil pans can be divided into rectangular aluminum foil pans, round aluminum foil pans and oval aluminum foil pans according to their shapes. Dimensions include length, width, height and diameter. With so many names and data, how should we divide the size of foil pans? This article will take a rectangular aluminum foil pan as an example to introduce you to the common sizes of rectangular foil trays:

Rectangular Aluminum Foil Pan Sizes

In the field of cooking equipment, rectangular aluminum foil pans can be used to hold single portions of cakes and roasts, as well as large roasted chickens or fish. Therefore, we divide them into three types: full size foil pans, half size foil pans and small foil pans.

Full Size Foil Pan

Full Size Foil Pan is also called large foil pan. YSA’s largest full size aluminum foil pan is 20.6 inches, 13×3″. Depending on the depth, large foil pans can be divided into three types: deep, medium and shallow.

Such as YSA-B525A and YSA -B525B, the top out length and width of the two are the same, but 525A is deeper than 525B and has a larger capacity. This large sized rectangular aluminum foil baking pan is suitable for roasting large ingredients such as roasted whole chicken, roasted vegetable platter, and baked pasta.

YSA-B525A full size foil pan

Half Size Foil Pan

Half Size Foil Pan is also a medium-sized aluminum foil pan, which measures approximately 13 10×2.3 inches, like the YSA-RE320. The half-size foil tray has a capacity of approximately 3500ml and is also available in deep, medium and shallow models. This size of foil pan is suitable for roasting vegetables, toasting bread, making salads, and other medium-sized portions.

YSA-RE320 half size foil pan

Small Size Foil Pan

Small Size Foil Pan is usually round, and some are rectangular containers. YSA’s smallest foil pans are the RE130, which has a capacity of only 260ml and measures approximately 5 4×1.6 inches. Small foil pans are usually used to hold single portions of food, such as individual small cakes, small pieces of meat, or small portions of pasta.

YSA-RE130 samll foil pan

Rectangle Aluminum Foil Pan Size Chart

YSA-RE130Top out: 130x100mm
Top in: 110x80mm
Bottom: 90x60mm
 42mm 260ml 3.1g 0.043mm 1000pcs
YSA-RE150Top out: 150x120mm
Top in: 125x97mm
Bottom: 105x80mm
 48mm 410ml 6.0g 0.055mm 1000pcs
YSA-REC161ATop out: 161x110mm
Top in: 149x98mm
Bottom: 140x88mm
 30mm 320ml 9.1g 0.1mm 1000pcs
YSA-REC161BTop out: 161x110mm
Top in: 149x98mm
Bottom: 135x86mm
 40mm 450ml 10.0g 0.1mm 1000pcs
YSA-RE165Top out: 165x130mm
Top in: 150x120mm
Bottom: 130x100mm
 45mm 600ml 8.5g 0.06mm 1000pcs
YSA-REC166Top out: 166x65mm
Top in: 156x55mm
Bottom: 145x45mm
 30mm 200ml 6.0g 0.1mm 2000pcs
YSA-RE175Top out: 175x110mm
Top in: 158x97mm
Bottom: 143x80mm
 40mm 410ml 6.0g 0.057mm 1000pcs
YSA-REC184Top out: 184x128mm
Top in: 166x112mm
Bottom: 157x101mm
 45mm 750ml 13.5g 0.11mm 1000pcs
YSA-RE185Top out: 185x135mm
Top in: 160x115mm
Bottom: 145x100mm
 50mm 700ml8.0g  0.058mm 1000pcs
YSA-RE190Top out: 190x110mm
Top in: 175x95mm
Bottom: 160x80mm
 45mm 550ml 6.5g 0.057mm 1000pcs
YSA-RE195Top out: 195x145mm
Top in: 175x130mm
Bottom: 160x115mm
 55mm 850ml 9.0g 0.058mm 500pcs
YSA-RE205Top out: 205x110mm
Top in: 175x90mm
Bottom: 162x70mm
 55mm 670ml 8.0g 0.057mm 1000[pcs
YSA-RE220Top out: 220x160mm
Top in: 200x140mm
Bottom: 180x115mm
 50mm 1100ml 13.0g 0.072mm 500pcs
YSA-RE255Top out: 225x190mm
Top in: 235x165mm
Bottom: 215x145mm
 60mm 1750ml 14.0g 0.058mm 500pcs
YSA-RE308Top out: 308x103mm
Top in: 290x84mm
Bottom: 264x65mm
 50mm 990ml 10.5-12.0g 0.068mm 1200pcs
YSA-RE320Top out: 320x265mm
Top in: 295x235mm
Bottom: 260x197mm
 60mm 3500ml 33.0g 0.08mm 100pcs
YSA-RE324ATop out: 324x263mm
Top in: 295x234mm
Bottom: 270x210mm
 40mm 2300ml 27.0g 0.08mm 100pcs
YSA-RE324BTop out: 324x263mm
Top in: 300x237mm
Bottom: 243x180mm
 105mm 5420ml 58.0g 0.07mm 100pcs
YSA-REC330Top out: 330x225mm
Top in: 310x205mm
Bottom: 295x190mm
 60mm 3500ml 52.5g 0.15mm 200pcs
YSA-RE370Top out: 370x270mm
Top in: 340x240mm
Bottom: 310x210mm
 70mm 4700ml 54.0g 0.08mm100pcs

Aluminum Foil Pan Applications

Foil Baking Pans

Aluminum foil baking pans are a series specially designed for oven baking. The foil baking cups are relatively high temperature resistant and can be put directly into the oven or refrigerated at low temperatures. They come in various colors and will not fade when heated over an open flame. They are beautiful and recyclable.


Common aluminum foil baking pans include:

  • foil cake pan
  • foil cupcake pan
  • foil loaf pan
  • foil pie pan
  • foil muffin pan
  • foil bread pans

Foil Roasting Pans

Aluminum foil roasting pans generally come in rectangular, round, and oval shapes, usually with higher edges and various textures on the bottom. Some barbecue plates will have holes in the bottom, which can be used directly for grilling over an open flame to help the food heat evenly. This series is commonly used for barbecue, grilled chicken wings, kebabs, baked potatoes, etc.

Common aluminum foil roasting pans include:

Aluminum Steam Table Pans

Aluminum steam table pan is a special cooking tool used for steaming food. The bottom is a deep tray for placing water or other liquids; the second layer is the steaming layer for placing food, and there are usually some small holes on the tray to allow steam to pass; the third layer is the lid, which is used to close the plate. Help with cooking.



Can you put foil pans in the oven?

Yes, you can put an aluminum foil pan in the oven. Aluminum foil pans are oven safe and can withstand the heat of a conventional oven. They can bake and even heat food in the oven. Also, to prevent the foil baking sheet from buckling or collapsing under the weight of the food, it’s a good idea to place the foil baking sheet on a baking sheet before placing it in the oven. Do not place the foil pan near the heating element to prevent it from burning or melting.

Are foil pans recyclable?

Yes, aluminum foil pans are generally recyclable. Aluminum foil pans are made from aluminum, a highly recyclable material. Recycling aluminum helps conserve resources, reduce energy consumption and minimize waste.

Can I bake brownies in a foil pan?

Yes, you can definitely bake brownies in an aluminum foil pan! Aluminum foil pans are a convenient and versatile option for baking a variety of dishes, including brownies. Choose the foil pan size that fits your brownie batter volume. Make sure the baking pan is deep enough to hold the batter. Lightly grease or line the baking pan with parchment paper. Add the brownie batter. Then place the foil pan on the baking pan. Towards the end of the baking time, Test brownies for doneness with a toothpick or knife. Insert a toothpick into the center of the brownie; if it comes out with some moist crumbs, the brownie is done.

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