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This article mainly talks about various foil trays with lids, including size, shape and main use.

Aluminum Pan with Lid Shapes

The most common shapes of aluminum trays with lids are rectangular foil pans with lids and round aluminum pans with lids.

01. Rectangular Foil Pans with Lids

Rectangular foil trays with lids are also called catering pans with lids. The most common aluminum catering trays with lids are 9×13 foil pan with lid. 9×13 disposable pan with lid is the best choice for home, take-out and commercial use. Especially 9×13 aluminum pan with clear lid, its lid is transparent, which can be sealed and used for display. It is convenient for making casseroles, salads and baking. Another plate, 21×13 aluminum pans with lids is larger than 9×13, if you have a large family, you can choose this size.

02. Round Aluminum Pans with Lids

Round foil pans with lids are represented by 9 inch round foil pan with clear lid. The round shape is very suitable for baking. Round aluminum tray with lid can also be used for roasting turkey, making pies, casseroles and pies. The most common lids for round aluminum trays are clear plastic lids and board lids.

Foil Pans with Lids Sizes

When you use disposable pans with lids for baking, grilling or cooking, you can determine the size of the tray you need based on your ingredients. In general, foil platters with lids can be divided into large, small and mini aluminum tray with covers.

01. Large Aluminum Pans with Lids

Large foil pan with lids, also called heavy duty aluminum pans with lids, are made of heavy food-grade aluminum foil. They usually range in size from 13×9 inches to 18×13 inches and come with matching lids made of clear plastic or foil lids. Heavy duty foil pans with lids are mainly used for roasting meats and making large casseroles and lasagna.

02. Small Aluminum Pans with Lids

Small aluminum pans with lids are small foil containers made of thin food-grade aluminum foil. Available in rectangular, square, heart-shaped, and round shapes, small foil pans with lids are often used for baking. Most housewives use it to make bread, and the interior of small foil containers with lids is covered with a non-stick coating, which is safe for use in the oven and will not stick.
Commercial small aluminum trays with lids are mostly colorful, and if you like, you can even print unique logos and slogans.

03. Mini Aluminum Pans with Lids

Mini aluminum pan with lid is a very small container, most commonly in round shape, mainly used for baking cupcakes. Mini aluminum foil pans have bright appearance and are available in various colors. They are a hot-selling choice in the baking industry. They are mainly used to make bread, pies, muffins, egg tarts, etc.

Foil Container with Lids Applications

Aluminum foil containers with lids are mostly transparent plastic lids. Plastic lid foil containers are chosen because these lids can be used on a variety of foods and can also display ingredients. Therefore, aluminum foil pans with lids are most widely used in the baking field.

01. Aluminum Baking Pans with Lids

Aluminum baking pans with lids are perfect for a variety of baking applications, such as cakes, brownies, breads, casseroles, pies and tarts, etc. This aluminum foil baking pan with lid is not only oven and microwave safe, but also freezer safe.

Aluminum cake pan with lid

Aluminum foil cake pan with lid is the most commonly used baking utensil, lightweight, high temperature resistant, and disposable. It can be used directly in the oven without deformation, and there are individual servings and multi-person servings. The size and capacity can be determined according to the size of the oven. Cake pans with lids have a beautiful appearance and provide a market for display and sales of bakery products in pastry shops and supermarkets. Disposable cake pans with lids……

Disposable pie tins with lids

Disposable pie tins are round aluminum foil containers with a flat bottom and wrinkled edges that flare out. This design prevents the pie crust from burning and allows for even heating. Some disposable pie pans with plastic lids are transparent, and their main purpose is to dissipate heat and provide ventilation. When baking, never put the plastic lid in the oven; when freezing, put it in the refrigerator or freezer. Disposable pie plates with lids are represented by 10 inch disposable pie tins with lids……

Disposable casserole dish with lid

Disposable casserole dishes with lids are usually rectangular in design and come with a lid that fits securely. Disposable casserole dishes have deep sides and a flat bottom, which can accommodate a variety of casserole recipes, including lasagna, baked pasta, gratin, and more. The lid is usually transparent, which allows for easy viewing of the……

Disposable cookie sheets with lids

Disposable cookie pans with lids are suitable for baking batches of cookies and other small baked goods. These disposable containers provide an easy and mess-free way to make, serve and preserve homemade cookies.

Disposable muffin pans with lids

Disposable muffin pans with lids are available in various sizes, such as 6-cup, 12-cup, and 24-cup configurations. The cups are usually 2 to 3 inches in diameter and 1.5 to 2.5 inches deep, which is large enough to accommodate baked muffins and cupcakes. The lids are made of aluminum foil or plastic and fit securely to the muffin pan to create an airtight seal. Aluminum foil muffin pan is……

02. Disposable roasting pan with lid

Aluminum foil roasting pans have excellent heat conductivity and can be heated over an open flame. The lid is made of plastic or aluminum foil to prevent spills. Several standard baking pan sizes, such as 13×9 inches, 15×10 inches, and 18×13 inches, are common.

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